Envo Water proudly presents a revolutionary and planet conscious way to drink portable water.

It's a healthy, safe, and great tasting Natural Spring Water in an environmentally responsible package. As an alternative to plastic water bottles, it's carton container is recyclable and made mainly of paper, a renewable resource that grows back.

Each day, more than 60 million (or 80%) of all plastic water bottles consumed get added to our landfills, where they can take over 1,000 years to biodegrade.  From the water source, to the shelf, to the consumer, Envo Water is committed to making a positive change to the way we drink water by delivering a quality product that is more ecologically sound.

We believe that the little choices we can make today will have a ripple effect on the future of our environment.   

News and Events

Envo Water goes National at the 2011 NRA Restaurant Hotel–Motel Show in Chicago!

May 21 - 24, 2011. Visit us at booth #1175W to try Envo and save 30% on your orders placed at the show ... Read More >

Real Detroit Weekly names Envo Water their choice to Drink Up!

You: "Whoa ... wait ... what?! Water in the Drink Up column? Are you guys getting soft?" Us: "No — not really. We're just tired of writing these things with a pounding headache and rot gut every week." A part of the new anti-plastic, boxed water craze, Envo is a Michigan-made product (Pave the Way Beverage ... Read More >

Envo Water is Kid Approved

Envo Water is featured in Natural Awakenings magazine as a healthy way for kids to stay hydrated in the classroom.Read More >

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